DOST – SEI Undergraduate Scholarship How to Apply DOST Scholarship

Students who are looking for DOST Scholarship is now open To apply, Can submit Application Online Now


Application Deadline:

Starting of Application – 19th September 2022.
Last Day of Application – 2nd December 2022.
Examination Qualifying – 11 – 12th March 2023.

Note: Please use a Valid Email Address for Login and Submit you are application online, so that you will get a Correct mail Notification On Submission.

Scholarship Benefits:

  1. Tuition and other Fees – P40,000/year.
  2. Book Allowance – P10,000/year.
  3. uniform (1st Semester of First year only) – P1,000,
  4. Health & Accident Insurance – Premium.
  5. Transportation Allowance – 1 round trip Fare on Economy ticket.
  6. Living Allowance Monthly – P7,000 per month.
  7. Clothing Allowance – P1,000.
  8. Tuition and other fees – P1,500.
  9. Book Allowance – P500.00
  10. Monthly living Allowance – P7000 per month for Two months.

Information to be submitted before submitting E-Application:

  1. Gross income of Fathers
  2. Annual Gross income of Mothers
  3. If legal guardian is Supporting applicant, Guardian Annual Gross Income.
  4. If family owns a Agricultural land – How many Hectares.
  5. If a Family owns a Vehicle – year, Type and Model of vehicle.

How to Apply for this Scholarship:

Students who are interested in applying for DOST scholarship Must follow the link which is given:
Click Here For Online Application Fill the Application and Submit it online wait for notification Email From DOST Scholarship.

Source : DOST-SEI

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