OWWA Scholarship 2023 Online Application

Students who are looking for Scholarship, you are in a rite place for scholarship Guide and how to Apply? In this Article you will come to know how to Apply OWWA Scholarship and the Requirements for a Scholarship.

OWWA – Overseas Workers Welfare Administration is the Scholarship for Filipino Students.

The OWWA Administration is a non – Profit Organization which promotes the welfare and well being for a Filipino Workers who are working abroad, the OWWA offers Educational opportunities and Scholarship for the Filipino Workers and their Family.

Now the OWWA Scholarship is Currently accepting Online Application from the Students Who are in need of Financial Assistance, Now OWWA Nominated Scholarship Students can get financial assistance from the government to the students, all this Scholarships are best Opportunities for Filipino Students and Families.


What is Overseas Workers Welfare Administration Scholarship?

The OWWA is a NON- Profit Organization that promotes the Welfare, This Scholarship Program are only open for the candidates who are belonging on an (OFW) overseas Filipino worker. This is the best Opportunities for the Filipino Students who’s Parents who work on Overseas.

 What is OFW Dependents Scholarship Program?

OFW Dependents can apply for scholarship from the OWWA, This is important to keep you are OWWA Membership active if you are an OFW.

The one of the Opportunities of the OFW Dependent Scholarship Program is, OWWA Scholarship Program is Open to the Dependents of active OWWA Members who are currently enrolled or Planning to enroll in any type of 4years to 5years baccalaureate Course at any type of College or University, Here any OFW Dependent who are active The OWWA Member may apply.

What are the Benefits of OFW Dependent’s Scholarship Programs?

The OFW Dependents Scholarship Program Provides a Qualifying Dependents for Current OWWA Members With a Financial Assistance of PHP 20,000,

This Scholarship Assistance can be used to pay for the Students Tuition Fees, Accommodation, Book Fees, Or Other Educational Expenses, the total Scholarship Grants for the year is around 2,00,000.00 OWWA Scholars.

Educational Assistance for Development Scholarship Program?

EDSP – Education for Development Scholarship Program, OWWA offers qualified Dependents of active members the Financial Assistance of PHP 60,000 per year, which covers Tuition Fess and also other Financial assistance, until the Completion of 4 to 5 years Course in any of the Preferred Colleges or a Universities.

Who can apply Scholarship?

  1. Those who are single,
  2. Students not more than 21 years old.
  3. Students with Grade 12 Graduating,
  4. 80% of GWA or its equivalent,
  5. Chile of an active OWWA member or a Sibling of a single Married but Childless active OWWA Members
  6. HE or She must submit the academic Grades of 9, 10 and 11 if any format of Documentary form.
  7. Form 137, Form 138, or a Transcript of Records.

Documents Required to Apply?

The Required Documents to Apply for Scholarship are listed below:

  1. ID Pictures of 2 x 2.
  2. OFW Passport ID.
  3. Birth Certificate PSA – Philippine Statistics or Local Registrar (LCR)
  4. With Form 317 – Form 138, Transcript of Records (TOR)

Congressional Migrant Workers Scholarship program?

The (CMWSP) Congressional Migrant Workers Scholarship program is a Scholarship Program which is Mandated by RA 10022.
Those who are Qualified are eligible for a PHP60,000 Financial grant per year, until the complete of a 4 to 5 year Course at any of the College or University which in the Philippines.

The Program will benefits all the Deserving Migrant Workers and students who are in the field of Science and Technology as Identified by Dost.

 Who can apply for Scholarship?

  1. Active OFWs Who are not more than 45 years old – Deserving Migrant Workers.
  2. Children who are below 21years old of active OFWs.
  3. 80% of GWA Without Failing Grades or with in the 20% of Graduating Class For Children of OFW and with no Failing Grades.
  4. The annual Family Gross Income of $2,400.00 or Gross annual Income of P76,000.00 if OFW.
  5. A&E – Accreditation and Equivalency with the average of at least 85% or its equivalent as certified the DepEd Accredited School.

Documents Required to Apply?

  1. ID passport OFW,
  2. ID Pictures 2 x 2,
  3. PSA – Philippine Statistics Authority Birth Certificate Authenticated or LCR – Local Civil Registrar
  4. The form of 137 – Form 138 or Transcript of Records (TOR)
  5. Income prof of family any, for example 1. Income Tax Return, 2. Pay Slip, Overseas Employment Contract (OEC) and if any other applicable.

How to Apply this Scholarship?

Those who are interested may apply for scholarship: Link is given below.

OWWA Online Applicaiton

People also ask:

What is the OWWA Scholarship Deadline?
The OWWA Scholarship Deadline is on 31, January 2023.

What are the OWWA Scholarship Benefits?
The OWWA Scholarship Benefits may be up to PHP 60,000 for students each year to Qualified Dependents of OFWs until the Completion of Course 4 to 5 years.

Is OWWA Still Available to apply?
The OWWA Scholarship for the Filipino Students is Currently open and Accepting the Online Application for Students, The Online Application will End Before 31, January 2023.

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