Security Bank Scholarship 2024 | Application is Open Now to Apply

Students who are in High School Graduate, and who are looking for a Financial Support of Scholarship which help to pay for you are Tuition fees, College Education, this is the opportunity to apply for a scholarship, Security Bank Scholarship is the best option for the students who are looking for Scholarship Help on their education.

The Scholarship for a Students to achieve Their dreams, Scholarship helps most of the Philippines Students and deserving poor students to fulfill their Educational needs. In this Article you will find the in details on selection, screening selection and performance evaluation, Find all the details below listed.

What are the Security Bank Scholarship Benefits?

  • Every scholar will be a eligible for the Following benefits for every academic year, until students complete their higher education.

State Universities Benefits:

  • Students who are Nominated for Security Bank scholarship will get a stipend of PHP 10,000/Month for the maximum of 10 months school.
  • There will be no allotment for the Tuition & Miscellaneous Fees due to the Free Tuition Law in the Philippines.

Private Universities Benefits:

  • The student who are Nominated will receive the Stipend of PHP 5,000 per month for the Maximum of 10 Months schools.
  • Students who are nominated will get a chance to get PHP 100,000 of Students Tuition Fees and Miscellaneous fees for every year.

What are the Non – Monetary Benefits?

  • This is additional financial assistance for the students who are with the SBFI – Supports the Professional Development which is through the internship opportunities who are participation in the CSR Initiatives, and will be attendance at the training events hosted by the partner universities.

What are the Eligibility Requirements?

  • The students should be graduating Grade 12 from any public or a Private School.
  • He or she must be with a General Average of at least 90% or to its equivalent.
  • Student parents should not be working within the Security Bank
  •  He or She should not have an existing scholarship,
  • He or She must be enroll in any of the eight partner schools of the security Bank Inc,

Courses which are Eligible for Security Bank Scholarship:

  1. Accountancy
  2. Accounting Information System/ Technology,
  3. Internal Auditing
  4. Marketing
  5. Financial Management
  6. Industrial Engineering
  7. Management Engineering
  8. Applied Mathematics
  9. Business Analytics/ Statistics
  10. Data Science
  11. Computer Science/ Technology
  12. Information Systems/ Technology

The Security Bank Scholarship Foundations partner Schools:

There are 8 Security Bank Scholarship which are listed below:

  1. Ateneo De Manila University,
  2. Chiang Kai Shek College,
  3. De La Salle University – Manila,
  4. Far Eastern University – Manila,
  5. Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila,
  6. Polytechnic University of the Philippines,
  7. University of the Philippines – Diliman and
  8. University of Santo Tomas.

What are the Application Requirements?

  1. 2 x 2 White Background Portrait photo.
  2. True copy of Birth Certificate,
  3. Fill out the Online Application Link given.
  4. Latest Grade 12 Report Card of the Students with GWA
  5. Latest income Tax Return of parents and Guardians.
  6. The 8 Partner School of Admissions proof of the Applications.

What is the Application Period for Security Bank Scholarship?

  • The Online Application will open on May 03, 2024.
  • The Deadline of the Application is on June 30, 2024.

People also Ask:

How can I apply for Security Bank Scholarship?

You can apply for Security Bank Scholarship via Online Application,

  1. Fill out the Application,
  2. Must have a Grade 12 Report Card with the GWA which is preferably to the first term or to the second Grading,
  3. Submit the Income Tax or a Certificate of Indigency of Parents or Guardians,
  4. Must have a proof of Application for a Admission of any 8 Partner school which is mention by the Security Bank, ‘
  5. True copy of Birth Certificate.

IS Security Bank Scholarship Open in 2024?

NO, The Security Bank Scholarship is Currently Open, Announcement which will be made by the Security Bank Program by this year 2024.

What is the Application Period for Security Bank Scholarship?

The Application Period for Security Bank for AY 2024 to 2025

  • Application open, and the Deadline for Application is on June 30, 2024, apply for the Scholarship before it Ends.

What are the 8 Partner schools for Security Bank Scholarship?

There are 8 Partner Schools for Security Bank Which are listed below:

  1. Ateneo De Manila University
  2. Chiang Kai Shek College
  3. De La Salle University – Manila
  4. Far Eastern University – Manila
  5. Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila
  6. Polytechnic University of the Philippines
  7. University of the Philippines – Diliman
  8. University of Santo Tomas

Security Bank Online Application Form

What are the Security Bank Benefits?

The Benefits of Security Bank listed below:

  1. Benefit of PHP 5,000 per month for a Maximum of 10 School months to the Students who are nominated.
  2. Miscellaneous and Tuition Fees – Benefits of maximum amount of PHP 100,000 per year will be given to the nominated students.

Source : Security Bank

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