BARMM Scholarship 2023 to 2024 Online Application

Good News for Students who are looking for BARMM Scholarship,
BARMM Scholarship is now accepting Scholarship Application, Open Now to Apply Students who are interested may submit the Application Online Now, Follow Step by Step Guide on How to Apply Scholarship.

The BASE and BASE-MERIT Scholarship is Now Accepting Application for SY 2023 to 2024.

The Ministry of Science and Technology is now Open. BARMM – Bangsamoro Assistance for Science Education is open for BASE and BASE-MERIT Scholarship Program For the Student year 2023 to 2024 .

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Students are invited for all Incoming 1st Year Students who are in the Bangsamoro Region to join in this scholarship Program:

  1. Science,
  2. Engineering,
  3. Technology & Mathematics Courses, which are Specialized highly Courses.

This Scholarship is aimed for a Bangsamoro Youth to Continue a Lifetime Career opportunity in the Field of Science & Technology.


BASE Priority Courses:

  • Mathematics Education in Bachelor
  • Technology & Livelihood Education in Bachelor , With Specialization in Information and Communications.
  • Bachelor of Library and Information Science
  • BS Agribusiness
  • BS Agribusiness Management
  • BS Agribusiness Management and Entrepreneurship
  • BS Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
  • BS Agricultural Biotechnology1
  • BS Agricultural Economics
  • BS Agricultural Engineering
  • BS Agricultural Technology
  • BS Agriculture
  • BS Animal Husbandry
  • BS Animal Science
  • BS Applied Mathematics
  • BS Applied Mathematics major in Mathematical Finance
  • BS Applied Physics
  • BS Applied Physics with Applied Computer System
  • BS Applied Statistics
  • BS Astronomy
  • BS Basic Medical Sciences
  • BS Biology
  • BS Biology for Teachers
  • BS Biotechnology
  • BS Chemistry Major in Business
  • BS Chemistry for Teachers
  • BS Chemistry with Materials Science and Engineering
  • BS Civil Engineering
  • BS Clothing Technology
  • BS Community Nutrition
  • BS Computer Engineering
  • BS Computer Science
  • BS Electrical Engineering
  • BS Environmental Engineering
  • BS Electronics Engineering
  • BS Environmental Science
  • BS Fine Arts Major in Industrial Design
  • BS Fisheries
  • BS Food Science and Technology
  • BS Food Technology
  • BS Forestry
  • BS Health Science
  • BS Human Biology
  • BS Industrial Design
  • BS Industrial Management Engineering-Information Technology3
  • BS Industrial Pharmacy
  • BS Information and Communications Technology
  • BS Information System
  • BS Information Technology
  • BS Information Technology Systems
  • BS Instrumentation and Control Engineering
  • BS Life Sciences
  • BS Management Information Systems
  • BS Manufacturing Engineering-Management-Biomedical Engineering
  • BS Manufacturing Engineering-Management-Mechatronics and Robotics
  • BS Marine Biology
  • BS Mathematics
  • BS Mathematics and Science Teaching
  • BS Mathematics for Teachers
  • BS Mechanical Engineering
  • BS Microbiology
  • BS Nutrition
  • BS Nutrition and Dietetics
  • BS Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • BS Pharmacy (4-year program)
  • BS Pharmacy major in Clinical Pharmacy Which is 5-year program
  • BS Physics for Teachers
  • BS Psychology
  • BS Public Health
  • BS Speech Pathology
  • BSE Biological Sciences
  • BSE Biology
  • BSE Biology Chemistry
  • BSE Chemistry
  • BSE General Sciences
  • BSE Mathematics
  • BSE Physical Sciences
  • BSE Physics
  • BSE Physics-Chemistry4
  • BSE Physics-Mathematics4
  • BSE Science
  • BS Manufacturing Engineering
  • BS Geography
  • BS Materials Engineering
  • BS Geodetic Engineering
  • BS Astronomy Technology
  • BS Electronics and Communications Engineering
  • BS Medical Laboratory Science
  • BS Medical Technology
  • BS Biological Engineering
  • BS Ceramics Engineering
  • BS Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering
  • BS Packaging Engineering
  • BS Architecture
  • BS Physics
  • BS Statistics
  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
  • BS Applied Physics with Engineering & Materials Science

BASE – MERIT Priority Courses:

  • Aeronautical/Aerospace Engineering.
  • Agricultural Chemistry.
  • Biomedical Engineering/Biological Engineering.
  • Engineering Chemical.
  • Chemistry.
  • Chemistry with Applied Computer Systems.
  • Chemistry with Materials Science & Engineering.
  • Data Science.
  • Geology.
  • Engineering in Geothermal.
  • Industrial Engineering.
  • Maritime Engineering/Marine.
  • Marine Science.
  • Mechatronics & Robotics Engineering.
  • Metallurgical Engineering.
  • Meteorology.
  • Mining Engineering.
  • Molecular Biology & Biotechnology.
  • Petroleum Engineering.

BARRM Scholarship Benefits:

  1. PHP20,000 Monthly Cash Assistance.
  2. Money will be Deposited Directly to the bank account on every last week of the Month, which will start form the 1st Semester.
  3. Students will receive a total of PHP200,000 Per Annum/Per Year.
  4. School Fees / Tuition Fees.
  5. Clothing Allowance.
  6. Book Allowance.
  7. Monthly living Allowance.

Deadline to Apply BARRM Scholarship:

  • Students should submit Online Application on and before March 30th, 2023.
  • Date of Examination Will be on April 10 to 14 2023.

How to Apply BARRM Scholarship:

  • To Apply BARRM Scholarship Students should Submit Online Application, Link given Below:

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