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TES Scholarship Program helps many Students with financial support who are willing to study, TES Helps with Tuition Fee and other Financial Support to the Students.

  • (SUCs) State universities & Faculties
  • CHED Recognized Native Universities and Faculties (LUCs)
  • United Nations Agency Would like an Extra Funding to the Students.
  • Can also Apply for a short loan to The Students who are in need of short loans for their Studies.


4 Programs For RA 10931

  1. Free Higher Education called has <FHE>
  2. Free Education and Training – Technical – Vocational <TVET>
  3. Tertiary Education Subsidy program <TES>
  4.  Student short term Loan Program called has <SLPTE-ST>

What are the Eligibility for TES Scholarship Program?

Students who are interested in this scholarship may follow the below eligibility before applying for TES Scholarship Program.

TES Scholarship Benefits and other 13 Alternative fees are listed below:

  1. Fees For Admission Given to Students.
  2. Fees For Athletic Given to Students.
  3. Fees For Computer Given to Students.
  4. Fees For Cultural Given to Students.
  5. Fees For Development Given to Students.
  6. Fees For Entrance Given to Students.
  7. Fees For Guidance Given to Students.
  8. Fees For Handbooks Given to Students.
  9. Fees For Laboratory Given to Students.
  10. Fees For Library Given to Students.
  11. Fees For Medical and Dental Given to Students.
  12. Fees For Registration Given to Students.
  13. Fees For Schools ID Fees Given to Students.

Scholarship Benefits of TVET

Students will receive Benefits of TVET Find list Below

  1. Miscellaneous and Tuition Fees to the Students
  2. Provisions including Trainee Support to the Students
  3. National Competency Assessment to the Students
  4. Instructional Materials to the Students
  5. Living Allowance to the Students
  6. Stater Tool kit to the Students
  7. Workshop Shirts to the Students
  8. And Other Related fees to the Students

What are the TES Eligibility and Benefits:

  • SUCS – Undergraduate Students Enrolled
  • CHED Recognized – LUCS
  • Private Higher Education Institutions – HEIS
  • Students who are Enrolled in Private HEIS Shall be provided with the Maximum financial Benefit of P60,000
  • Per Academic Year.
  • Those who are enrolled in SUC or LUC Shall Receive a financial Support of P40,000 TES-2


  1. TES 1 – This is for Tuition and Other High School Fees For Students who are Nominated.
  2. TES2 – This is For Other Education Related Expanses for Students who are Nominated.

What are the Benefits of TES Grants offers to Students?

  • TES 3A — person who are with Disability will get financial benefit worth of P30,000 per year
  • TES 3B — Maximum financial Help to the Students Worth of P10,000 it’s a 1 time Reimbursement will be given to the Students.

What all Documents Required in a TES Scholarship?

  • Registration Certificate or a Enrolment.
  • PWD ID if that applicable.

Students who are in TES Category He or She Need to Submit Certificate of Residency in Details.

Eligibility and Benefits of SLPTE ST given below:

  1. Graduate and undergraduate who are Enrolled — SUCS
  2. Quality Assured Private and LUCS Recognized — CED
  3. This is to Subject or to Provide Available Financial Funds to the Students who are in need of Scholarships

SLPTE ST  Benefits are Given Below:

  • Students who are with Short term loan
  • To cover the expenses who are with Graduate or Undergraduate Programs.
  • Maximum Financial Loan able Amount will be upto P60,000 per Year.
  • No interest will be Changes on the Loan, when the loan-able pays loan on given Period of Time.

Requirements for this loan are:

  1. Duly Filled Application of SLPTE–ST
  2. School Registration Certification of the Applicants.
  3. Applicant Income Tax Return
  4. If he is Employed Need Proof of Family Income.
  5. Income Tax Return or other family income of the co – maker.
  6. Co-makers Government issued IDs
  7. Picture of 1×1 of the Students and the Co Maker

How to Apply for This Scholarship:

Students who are interest in Scholarship may Apply Below with Given Link.

Click Here to Apply

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